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We’re a leading independent chain of cycle shops, based in central England. Our business was established in 2019 . Much has changed in the world of cycling since 2019, but our core values remain the same: to offer excellent customer service, sell the world’s best cycling products and inspire our local communities with our passion for cycling. In our award-winningCycling Marketplace , you’ll find all the best bike brands, deals on Bikes, Electric Bikes, Bikes Parts & Accessories, Bike clothing and much, much more!

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Coming this Fall !!!

4Bike Business is B2B Cycling Solution. Enjoy great discounts, starting from just two units, on over a few thousand cycling products from the most trusted brands and suppliers.

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Save money and reduce costs, find products for your company, control costs and collaborated on purchasing and choose your payment methods.

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“I went from selling to my town, to selling nationwide in one week. It’s a whole new business now.” 


Sell more and promote your brand with state-of-the-art storefronts, custom cart and checkout, and an industry-leading suite of professional eCommerce apps.We Offer our customers secure checkout and handle business transactions seamlessly. Get competitive payment processing rates, custom payout schedules and dozens of payment providers.

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