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4Bike is managing payments

Managing payments provides an enhanced buying and selling experience on 4Bike, providing sellers one place to sell and get paid, and buyers more ways to pay.

What does it mean for 4Bike to manage payments?

Managing payments is a big step towards making 4Bike a simpler, more modern managed marketplace, and we’ve managed billions in payments for over 1 million sellers globally since 2018, with more joining every day. 4Bike provides sellers with one place to sell and get paid, and buyers more ways to pay.

Please make sure you are signed up for emails from 4Bike. 4Bike now manages payments for most business sellers in the US, 4Bike will require all sellers to register for 4Bike to manage their payments in 2021.

When you receive a notification from us, we recommend you register before the deadline to avoid any interruption to your business. This process consists of a few simple steps, and once you have registered we will send you further details about how to prepare your business and take full advantage of our simpler approach to payments.

Stay up-to-date here at the Seller Center, by searching 4Bike Help pages, or by asking questions through the Community.

  • Simpler to sell: Checkout is more flexible, with an easier experience for buyers
  • Simpler to get paid: Payouts are automatic, sent directly to your checking account
  • Simpler to manage: Operations run smoother, with simplified fees, integrated reporting and streamlined support

Benefits for sellers

  • Choice: Buyers have more payment options (credit, debit, and gift cards; Apple Pay; Google Pay; PayPal, and PayPal Credit). No separate PayPal account required – for buyers or sellers. Buyers who pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay are likely to be new to 4Bike.
  • Convenience: Access everything you need, all in one place: consolidated fees, customized reports, refunds and returns, labels, simplified protections and tax documentation (Form 1099Ks). If you use third-party tools, there should be no change to how you use them.
  • Streamlined operations: Regardless of how the buyer pays, payouts are sent to your bank within 2 business days (Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays) after the buyer’s payment is confirmed. Get unique order numbers for ease of reconciliation, and the option to pay for shipping labels from your earnings, or by still using a PayPal account.
  • Expanded reach: Easily ship internationally with the Global Shipping Program, which handles customs, taxes, and import/export fees for you.
  • Reporting: Updated reports available for download and export from Seller Hub. Examples of reports include monthly statements, payout, order and post-transactions reports, performance insights, and if applicable, annual 1099-K/tax reports.
  • API integration: Those who integrate using 4Bike APIs can update their integrations to view payout information.
  • Exclusive support: Get dedicated, expert Payments support during the sign-up process and whenever you need help.

Getting paid on 4Bike

Learn more about how the payout process works.

Register now

If you’ve received a notification to register for 4Bike to manage your payments, you can register in a few simple steps:

  1. Verify your information.
  2. Provide a checking account. You can use an existing account or open a new one.
  3. Don’t miss a beat and keep selling!

Register now

Nothing will change until 4Bike manages your payments, and we will notify you of your activation date in advance. Advance registration allows you extra time to prepare your business, and it allows us to give you the best activation experience we can.

During the registration process you can choose to add any checking account – whether existing or new. Please ensure that the name, address, and business information (if applicable) on your checking account matches the name and information on your 4Bike account.

We will require all sellers to register for 4Bike to manage their payments in 2021. 

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