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Expand your selling horizon

Comprehensive  seller                                protection

A community of sellers

We’re one of the world’s largest marketplaces, connecting you with buyers near and far.

You’re protected by policies, monitoring, and a customer support team created to keep you and our community safe.

Connect with other sellers through hosted meetups, community forums, seller events, and more.

1. Create a business selling account

This step requires you to have your bank account and company information.

2. Set up your account policies

Pick your postage, return and payment policy preferences that will then be used for your listings.

3. Upload your inventory

Use our suite of tools to onboard your inventory and start selling!

It's easy to
get started
on 4Bike

Everything you need to run your online business.

We’re one of the world’s largest marketplaces, connecting you with buyers near and far.

Inventory management

You’ll gain access to a variety of tools that help you list, bulk upload, and integrate with APIs. You can also use third-party tools.

Manage orders

Our sellers receive discounted postage labels from major carriers. You can also set up international delivery with intermediated postage options.

Brand-building tools

Dokkan is a tool exclusive to 4Bike. It shows you how other sellers are pricing their listings, so you can monitor your competition. It also gives you data about supply and demand for different categories.

Marketing tools

Use our suite of marketing tools to create promotions and make your inventory stand out. Sponsor your listings with Promoted Listings to help boost your visibility.

Brand-building tools

Get an eBay Shop subscription to unlock a customisable shopfront where you can showcase your brand and inventory to buyers.

The 4Bike app

Manage your business on the go with our app. Control listings, fulfil orders, respond to buyers and more – anytime, anywhere

Open your shop on 4Bike


Pick a shopfront plan that works best for your business needs to start building out your brand on 4Bike.

Build your brand with an 4Bike shop


Shops give buyers a destination to browse whilst learning more about your brand. There are a variety of options if you want to have your very own shopfront on the 4Bike site. From basic to anchor, to a featured shop, we have a shop plan to suit your business strategy.

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